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  "for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"
Folkestone Macular Degeneration group public showcase 26-Jan-2018

Folkestone Macular Degeneration group open-day 28th March 2018 from 10.00am till 3.00pm.

This event is open to members of the public and will showcase the "Skills for Seeing" and "Gadget Guide" programmes and the other volunteering services offered by the Macular Society. Other societies and organisations for the visually impaired will also be in attendance to describe the technical and non-technical other help available to people with sight loss.

Computers in Kent is proud to support the Macular Society. 21-Jan-2018

Why the Macular Society is needed.

Age-related macular degeneration is a leading cause of irreversible blindness and visual impairment in the western world.

Proud to be "normal" 13-Jan-2018

I am often asked what makes me different. It's a question asked of every business, after all each customer must have selected you somehow from the rest. In computing there are many activities. Some involve a deep technical expertise only. Others need a little more people skill, and yet others such as project management, marketing, business analysis for say website design need more people skill then technical skill. These ‘customer facing’ skills are usually less significant in computer people.

And so, it was quite nice this week when a new customer who had clearly been exposed to computer support before delightedly told me “We will definitely use you again – you’re normal!”

Choosing Your Web Design Company. 01-Jan-2018

Your ideal web designer.

The vast majority of businesses will think they need a website. Even if you don’t it is a good idea to consider getting one. This is because you may need one later and it is usually easier to get an established website “match-fit” with respect to SEO than building from scratch. SEO describes the Search Engine Optimisation techniques you need to use to get noticed on the Internet by your potential customers.

When you are creating the website for your company it is important that it delivers for you in four main areas:

Website Features 28-Dec-2017

What do you get in a CiK website?

Keep Your Data Safe 20-Dec-2017

Data Encryption - how to look after your customers data.

You may have wondered about this. Why should you do it? Is it difficult? Are there any disadvantages?  This article explains how you can encrypt your data and why some of you should encrypt your data to protect your business.
If you run a business you will need to share data between computers. You may need to access data remotely. You may need to take data to customers offices. You may already have an offsite storage policy. How are all these things affected by choosing to encrypt your data? Here I will explain a method of how you can achieve all these things relatively simply.

Fitbits (& Garmins etal.) Smart but Dumb 26-Nov-2017

Everybody loves computers. We use them everywhere. In our watches, in our sat navs in our dashcams, all sorts of things. They are part of our lives and we come to rely on them even when we don’t even think of them as computers.

Online Selling and Web Site creation course 21-Nov-2017

Course Outline: Selling Online and Web Design.

Microsoft Windows: 1 Apple Macbook Pro: 0 19-Nov-2017

So, what can you do when your Apple Macbook Pro dies and it takes with it your only copy of important files? Well like this unfortunate owner you would probably contact your local Apple Mac computer retailer. Hopefully you won’t get the response this customer got … “Oh, I’m afraid that’s legacy equipment now, not worth the repair, you would do better to find an independent to see if they can recover the data for you”.


"for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"