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Computers-In-Kent sell New, Open-box and Refurbished computers. Many computers are available the next day but some will take 3-5 business days to arrive.

I will also need the computer for a day if I am doing the set up for you or your business. This is much more than switching on and collecting a few updates - see here for the details about setting up a new computer.

New Computers.
These are as you expect - brand new unopened items complete with original packaging and all documentation and guarantees. Where possible I obtain three years guarantee at no further cost rather than accept the minimum one year.

Open Box Computers.
These computers have been used. They have not been pre-owned. They have usually been on display in a store so have been handled. They are then returned for cleaning and repackaging. They are tested and sold complete with the full guarantee. They may not be in the original box and they not have the original documents as this often gets lost by the retailers. However you will always get a sales receipt and the full guarantee. Your consumer rights are exactly the same as for new stock. I have only ever received immaculate open-box stock for sale but the supplier does warn that there could be the odd scratch or blemish on the casing so you need to be aware of this. There will not be any damage of course.

The computers are ranked into grades to give an idea of their cosmetic condition (The working condition is always 100%). The grading can be A B or C.

  • A Grade-A computer for example could be a new computer that had a fault and was returned to the shop for an exchange. This would be repaired tested and issued for sale. Assuming there are no scratches or other serious blemishes the computer would be grade A - in other words "as new".
  • A Grade-B computer would be the same as a grade-A but would have a scratch or blemishes on the case that take it out of the "as new" category.
  • A Grade-C computer would show signs of usage such as wear on the keyboard for example.

Normally I only sell Grade A unless there is something specific wanted that is in the grade B class. In this case I discuss the item and get pictures if possible so there are never any surprises!

Click this link for pictures of a typical open-box computer:

Refurbished Computers.
These are used computers that have been professionally refurbished. This can be done by my supplier or by myself. All refurbished computers are fully tested to ensure that every device and coms port works as it should. The computers are cleaned inside and out and checked for signs of excessive wear. Fans are cleaned and tested for operational effectiveness. The operating system is licenced and initialised to ensure that all refurbished computers are sold in the best condition possible. The operating system (usually Microsoft Windows) will be up to date with all the latest releases and the computer will have LibreOffice Word-processing and Spreadsheets and Thunderbird email, or Microsoft equivalents if installed and licensed. The major Internet browsers IE, Edge, Firefox and Chrome will be installed and a few other goodies as appropriate.

Refurbished computers will also be given a guarantee, usually this will also be for twelve months.

"for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"