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About CiK

  "for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"

…. looking back on my life a major turning point was my last day at school. We were all in the main assembly hall being given our final address by the deputy head to prepare us for the world outside. He was a well-built man with a heart of gold and a fearsome reputation, he was much loved and had earned the respect of the whole school. As he spoke my mind drifted as I pondered all that the future might hold. Suddenly two words cut through the fog of my dreamworld - "Question everything" - the words seemed as loud as a thousand charging horses and resonated throughout my consciousness. I glanced towards the speaker to find he was looking straight at me. He said again "Question everything" and left his gaze with me for just long enough to drill his remarks home. It was as though he knew the special meaning that following the philosophy of those two words would hold for me. I have followed that advice ever since. It has protected me many times and constantly guides me - it is also the one thing that has got me into more trouble than I could ever have imagined .... Tony Bentham

Who are Computers-in-Kent?

Computers in Kent is a small business started in January 2000 and managed solely by myself. I am a highly motivated IT professional who has successfully managed the design and construction of several E-Commerce applications. I have been providing independent IT consultancy since Nov 1999. I am fully qualified in computer technology including Web Technology, I am also an accredited PGCE regularly providing computing tuition and e-commerce / web design tuition on behalf of established teaching colleges.  I now support several small businesses and individuals with their information technology requirements. I can source high quality PC equipment at very competitive prices to individuals and businesses which I then deliver fully set up and ready to be used. Computers-in-Kent also provides fully managed Internet hosting, domain names and email. The server support for this service is contracted-in thereby providing a 24/7 service. Web sites can be written very quickly using the 'Drupal' CMS (content management system) allowing excellent content presentation coupled with first class SEO and e-commerce as necessary. Computer upgrades and Repairs can be made for all types of PC, Laptop and Mac computer.


Why Buy a computer from me?

Why use Computers-in-Kent?
   there are several reasons ....

  1. Probably the most experienced local supplier

  2. CiK remains the best kent IT service

  3. Gold Star Service

  4. CiK stands apart from the rest

  5. Computers-in-Kent exceeds expectations

  6. Quality Control

"for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"