Stephen Huxtable Garden Services

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This website advertises the gardening services offered by Stephen Huxtable.

Individual pages describe each service such as grass-cutting, tree management and fencing. A portfolio of the work undertaken can also be maintained. The contact form is linked to a database allowing customers requests and enquiries to be recorded in the administration centre of the website.

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Website Features: 

The website has the following features:

- the ability to add new pages
- all pages easily amended by the website owner
- unique classification for case studies, landing-pages etc., making the site Google campaign friendly!
- a self-generating main menu system with customisable links
- Newsletter sub-system allowing several Newsletter lists with list opt-in/opt-out facilities
- contact enquiries sorted into classifications and emailed to appropriate personnel. Online viewing and management of all website enquiries.
- Photo Galleries with customisable ordering and annotation
- Specialised front page service images that can be controlled by the website owner
- Search Engine Optimisation facilities per page, per product, per brand
- Twitter integration
- customisable indexing and search
- secure https used automatically when needed
- full training given & a comprehensive manual provided

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"for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"