Windows 10 Professional i5 PC 8GB 1TB Disk


Windows 10 PC

  • W10 Professional - fully up to date
  • Brand new 1TB hard drive
  • Intel i5 4750 Processor
  • 8GB Memory
  • Wireless Card
  • Bitdefender Anti-virus
  • LibreOffice software
  • All major web browsers
  • Thunderbird Email Client
  • 6mth guarantee

15 x 12 inch Sony screen available for £10 call for details

Extras included in the price shown:

The price for refurbished computers includes a full computer service. This will include installation and updating of the operating system to the latest release. Anti-Virus sofware will be installed and set-up. Office software will be installed for word-processing and spreadsheets - If Microsoft Office is not on the computer then LibreOffice will be installed and set to use Microsoft file formats. A selection of Internet Browsers will be installed ususally MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome and TOR. The computer will have been tuned for performance. On local delivery the computer will be connected to the Internet and connected to Email and printers as needed. New computer users will be given a new email address.

Refurbished PCs under £100 will have a minimum 3 month guarantee. Most refurbished computers will have a 12 month guarantee. See the individual descriptions for details.


"for help or advice with any of the computers for sale on this website please contact me"